M-1 to submit your paper for ScilabTEC 2015

As a reminder, the call for papers is open through January 2, 2015. Scilab Enterprises and the Scilab International Partnership Committee (IPC) launch today the call for papers for the 7th edition of the ScilabTEC, to be held in Paris, on May 21 and 22, 2015. ScilabTEC brings together during a two-day conference, those involved in the world of computation and numerical simulation in order to promote the exchange and innovation between the fields of education, research and industry. The call for papers is open through January 02, 2015, with the following types of papers requested in the ma

Back to the Scilab Konferenz

You could not attend the first Scilab conference in Germany but you are interested in the documents presented? They are available For the first time, Scilab Enterprises provided Scilab German users with a dedicated conference, on November 7th in Hochschule Esslingen    To consult the presentations, click on the title Keynote – MAThematics LABoratory with Scilab Prof. Jürgen Koch (HS Esslingen) Image Processing Design Toolbox Dr. Harald Galda (Octum GmbH) Wavelets Toolbox Prof. Alexander Stoffel (FH Koeln) Coselica Dr. Dirk Reusch (Kybernetik) Scilab RF Toolbox Klaus Debes (Airbus DS,

Scilab used during Philae’s comet landing mission

Scilab Enterprises is proud to announce that Scilab, open source software for numerical computation, has been used during Philae’s comet landing mission. Scilab was used by CNES spatial mechanics team during Philae’s comet landing mission in Rosetta.  Rosetta is an ESA mission with contributions from its member states and NASA. Rosetta's Philae lander is provided by a consortium led by DLR, the German Aerospace Centre, the Max Planck Institute for Solar

Scilab India Conference

December 3-4, 2014, IIT Bombay Scilab India 2014 is the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay first conference on Scilab which aims at providing opportunities to spread the use of Scilab in the scientific and educational community in India.  The objective of this conference is to facilitate interaction with the best of the Scilab community, with a special emphasis on interaction between young and more experienced researchers. It provides an open ground to learn, understand, participate, and contribute to the Scilab community, in particular through presentations of the available external modu

2015 Training Calendar

Discover our Scilab/Xcos professional training sessions for 2015 The schedule of the next inter-company sessions provided by Scilab Enterprises in 2015 is online. These sessions take place in our premises in Versailles. Discover the session that interests you and plan now your training courses. Full details are available online at trainings All inter-company sessions can also take place as intra-company training. You are interested in an intra or an inter-company session or looking to build your own training program? Contact us now at formation@scilab-enterpri

AMD and Scilab at SC14

Come and visit AMD booth #839 during Supercomputing conference to explore Scilab OpenCL used on AMD FirePro cards The Supercomputing Conference (SC14) is the largest annual international event in the field of high performance computation. This edition takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, from November 17 to 20, 2014. A demonstration will be shown on the AMD booth to illustrate the possibilities offered by the graphics computation external module Scilab SciGPGPU that lets you use the computer GPU (the processor of the graphics card) in Scilab. Ideal for large data processing, sciGPGPU allo

Scilab 5.5.1 under Yosemite

For Mac OS X users, a new dedicated version of Scilab 5.5.1 is now available under Yosemite Following the release of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on October 17, 2014, Scilab 5.5.1 could not be launched under this new OS. A dedicated version is now available for download to all users who have already switch to Yosemite. Download the version of Scilab 5.5.1 for Mac OS X 10.10

Windows users, reinstall Scilab 5.5.1

Libraries used by Scilab did not load properly, preventing optimal functioning of Scilab software. We invite all users who installed Scilab 5.5.1 under Windows, from the official release date until 10/15/2014 to reinstall the software. Indeed, the libraries downloaded during the installation phase of Scilab did not load properly during this period. Now, these additional libraries have been updated and Scilab 5.5.1 installation under 32 and 64-bit Windows is done properly. Users should delete the additional files downloaded during the first installation to be able to reinstall and take advan

Scilab at CAE Conference

The International CAE Conference on numerical analysis takes place on October 27 and 28, in Pacengo del Garda (Verona, Italia) Organized by EnginSoft, the International CAE Conference is a major annual event and a leading conference at the European level with two days of conferences, Users' Meetings and exhibition. Note in particular the "Systems modeling, simulation and control session", sponsored by Scilab Enterprises, to be held on October 28 from 9.30 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. The session has many presentations on Scilab. Claude Gomez, Scilab Enterprises CEO, will give a lecture entitled "Scila

Scilab 5.5.1 Release

Download the latest release of Scilab Scilab 5.5.1 is a minor release to solve in particular three serious issues:  Scilab could not be used on Linux platforms using old GLIBC versions (CentOS, RedHat, etc.), ATOMS modules update failed in some configurations, The Japanese and Russian help pages were not available on Linux versions.  Download Scilab 5.5.1 Release Notes