Windows users, reinstall Scilab 5.5.1

Libraries used by Scilab did not load properly, preventing optimal functioning of Scilab software.

We invite all users who installed Scilab 5.5.1 under Windows, from the official release date until 10/15/2014 to reinstall the software.

Indeed, the libraries downloaded during the installation phase of Scilab did not load properly during this period. Now, these additional libraries have been updated and Scilab 5.5.1 installation under 32 and 64-bit Windows is done properly.

Users should delete the additional files downloaded during the first installation to be able to reinstall and take advantage of all Scilab 5.5.1 performance.

Note that it is not necessary to download again Scilab installer (scilab-5.5.1.exe and scilab-5.5.1_x64.exe).

Process to follow:

  • Remove the additional files downloaded at the first installation of Scilab 5.5.1 (some files may not be present on your computer depending on the installation type you followed):
    • Under 32-bit Windows:
    • Under 64-bit Windows: 
  • Restart the installation of Scilab 5.5.1 by double clicking:
    • Under 32-bit Windows, on scilab-5.5.1.exe
    • Under 64-bit Windows, on scilab-5.5.1_x64.exe

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. 
If you encounter issues at Scilab 5.5.1 reinstall, do not hesitate to contact us via support [at] scilab-enterprises.comtarget="_self"