AMD and Scilab at SC14

Come and visit AMD booth #839 during Supercomputing conference to explore Scilab OpenCL used on AMD FirePro cards

The Supercomputing Conference (SC14) is the largest annual international event in the field of high performance computation. This edition takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, from November 17 to 20, 2014.

A demonstration will be shown on the AMD booth to illustrate the possibilities offered by the graphics computation external module Scilab SciGPGPU that lets you use the computer GPU (the processor of the graphics card) in Scilab.

Ideal for large data processing, sciGPGPU allows not only the use of a number of Scilab functions in the GPU but it also implements many clBLAS and clFFT functions. sciGPGPU also suits the specifications of OpenCL 2.0, used by AMD Firepro™ cards.

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