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Open-Source Opportunities For The Analysis Of Scientific And Technical Dat

Due to the increasing of both complexity and diversity of the scientific and technical data, the French alternative energies and atomic energy commission CEA needs powerful and versatile tools for data analysis. Thanks to the services of the Scilab Team, they present how they were able to port their scientific applications on Scilab

Brash ice growth model in LNG operation

Bertin Technologies worked together with Yamal LNG and Total to enhance the operation of a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal. They coupled Scilab with an inhouse CFD code in order to guide the tankers’ route until a port in Artic.

Weather forecasting in Italy

Openeering implements statistical Kriging methods with the toolbox DACE (Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments). This allows to faster integrate it as a sort of black-box, avoiding to spend time on non-trivial algorithms.

On the Simulation of Offshore Oil Facilities at the System Level

Offshore oil facilities are complex systems that involve elaborate physics combined with stochastic aspects related, for instance, to failure risk or price variation. This study shows a tool that combines physical (mostly engineering fluid mechanics) and risk simulation.