Scilab used during Philae’s comet landing mission

Scilab Enterprises is proud to announce that Scilab, open source software for numerical computation, has been used during Philae’s comet landing mission.

Scilab was used by CNES spatial mechanics team during Philae’s comet landing mission in Rosetta. 

Rosetta is an ESA mission with contributions from its member states and NASA. Rosetta's Philae lander is provided by a consortium led by DLR, the German Aerospace Centre, the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS), CNES and ASI, the Italian space agency. Rosetta is the first mission in history to orbit a comet, escort it on its course around the Sun and deploy a lander on its surface.

Philae, the Rosetta mission’s lander, touched down on the nucleus of comet 67P on Wednesday 12 November at 15:34:54 UTC, 16:34:54 CET. 

More about the mission and see the comet landing direct 

The presentation of CNES spatial mechanics team comes at 1:13:21 in the video.