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You could not attend the first Scilab conference in Germany but you are interested in the documents presented? They are available

For the first time, Scilab Enterprises provided Scilab German users with a dedicated conference, on November 7th in Hochschule Esslingen 


To consult the presentations, click on the title

Keynote – MAThematics LABoratory with Scilab
Prof. Jürgen Koch (HS Esslingen)

Image Processing Design Toolbox
Dr. Harald Galda (Octum GmbH)

Wavelets Toolbox
Prof. Alexander Stoffel (FH Koeln)

Dr. Dirk Reusch (Kybernetik)

Scilab RF Toolbox
Klaus Debes (Airbus DS, Ottobrunn)

The ALMA Project
Timo Stripf (KIT)