Reduce model for finite element simulation

3 years after the completion of our first research project on model reduction, we are now able to put in production the creation of parametric models. Our proud release 1.0 of the Scilab Model Reduction toolbox: One use case of the use of model reduction for wind farm optimization:

Feedbacks on Scilab Conference 2019

Asteroidlanding - Keynote Thierry Martin, CNES French Space Agency Keynote of the French Space Agency CNES on the Asteroidlander MASCOT boarding the Hayabusa2 mission in collaboration with the Japanese Space Agency JAXA and the German Aerospace Center DLR Asteroidlanding - Scilab conference 2019 Keynote de Scilab Very Low Earth Orbits satellites modelling David Gonzales, Elecnor Deimos Satellite Systems Very Low Earth Orbits are orbits in altitudes lower than 450 km. The interaction between the atmosphere particles and the surfaces of the spacecraft is responsible for the aerodynamic