App development

Data management

Scilab provides facilities to manage data exchanges with external tools:

//Open Excel file
[fd,SST,Sheetnames,Sheetpos] = xls_open(pwd()+"\dataFitRead.xls")

//Read first data sheet
[Value,TextInd] = xls_read(fd,Sheetpos(1))


Algorithms development

–> With more than 2000 mathematical functions

–> With an integrated help, also available online

–> With an integrated editor Scinotes

Graphical User Interface

For Desktop application
Your final users won’t need to master the development environnement of Scilab, they will access your application directly through a dedicated graphical user interface (GUI)

–> Consult the tutorial of Openeering

–> Consult the wiki and the online help

f = createWindow();
f.axes_size = [230 180];
f.figure_name = "My Interface";
uicontrol(f, ...
    "style", "pushbutton", ...
    "string", "Call my script", ...
    "position", [50 75 130 40], ...
    "callback", "regr");

Application example

Weather forecast
This example displays how to develop an application with:

  • Data:
    sample of recording from weather pressure.
  • Algorithms:
    a classical linear regression on the data
  • User Interface:
    Starting from a simple button to a complete UI