Aerospace: The last frontier for Scilab’s amazing capabilities

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Follow the quest of Rosetta

Flight dynamics has been performed by the space mechanics toolbox Celestlab directly within Scilab by the French Space Agency CNES

Mechanical pre-sizing of Ariane

This application developed over the years by the pre-dimensionning teams of Airbus Defense & Space aims at early definitions of the geometry of rockets. It has been used originally for Ariane 6, and will be maintained for the next generations.

Flight Data Analysis

The application ALEx based on Scilab (stands for «Analyse des Lanceurs en Exploitation» ) was created by the French Space Agency CNES in Paris to analyze the measurement realized during the launch of rockets (particularly Ariane 5)

Parametric studies in conjunction with finite element solvers

Esterline Advanced Sensor platform which specializes in designing and manufacturing sensors for aerospace applications including pressure, temperature, mass flow, torque, speed measurements. Scilab is being used for optimization in a broad sense, for parameters fitting, to find the best dimensions, to reduce the stress level, to readjust the model to the dynamic/vibration behavior of the sensor, to avoid forbidden frequencies provided by the customer.