Preview of Scilab 5.4.0

Scilab 5.4.0-alpha 1 is a test version provided to the community. This version includes Scilab Desktop, a file browser component, XML file reading and writing functionalities, some major ergonomics developments of the variable editor and many bug fixes. Test it… This version is provided "as is" and may or may not be suitable for production use. If you find a bug, please report it to Scilab bug tracking system.

2011 Scilab Open Source Software Contest

And the winners are… The 10th edition of Scilab Open Source Software Contest was held in Oct 12-14, 2011, University of Science & technology Beijing, China. The two first prizes are: Rotational Inertia Toolbox, by FU Qingyu, Foshan University This toolbox allows to calculate the moment of inertial of a rigid body with a regular shape when the rigid body rotates around a spatial axis with an arbitrary orientation. It includes single bodies and combinations. ScilabCloudV2 by Liu Zhibin, Beihang University This project began with the idea to make Scilab accessible through a web page. 

Quality Process

Scilab uses Antepedia Notifier, solution for open source continuous detection Antepedia Notifier, an Antelink product, continuously and automatically detects the open source components integrated into software development repository. It provides notifications to engineers and project managers and continuously checks licenses of detected open source files and their compatibility with their license compliance rules. The Scilab Consortium is committed for several years to implement a quality approach to software development to ensure performance and reliability to our users. This quality approa

Scilab in Elektor

An article on Scilab is available in #402 of French edition of Elektor Magazine On page 20, you will discover a complete article entitled “Scilab, le choix de l’open source pour le calcul numérique” (Scilab, open source choice for numerical computation). Throughout the article, examples will guide the reader to discover and use Scilab software. More information on Elektor Website

Google Summer of Code 2011

Read more about Scilab involvement on Google Blog  

Scilab Enterprises unveils new website

This new website presents all activities and expertise of Scilab Enterprises, professional support and services around Scilab, Open Source Software for numerical computation Our new website

Scilab at Educatec-Educatice

The education trade show on november 23-24 and 25, 2011 in Paris, Porte de Versailles The Scilab Consortium exhibits at the next Educatec-Educatice trade show on booth C31. Recognized as having educational value awarded by the French Department of Education in June 2011, we invite you to discover Scilab, Free and Open Source software for numerical computation and its possibilities for use in high schools or higher education: Scilab and its module lycée for mathematics teaching, Xcos, hybrid dynamic systems modeler and simulator for teaching in engineering education In parallel, on Démo

Scilab for High Schools

A new leaflet of corrected exercises in statistics and probability using Scilab is available for download his leaflet provides French mathematics teachers with corrected exercises in statistics and probability for 2de and 1re French class levels. Those examples using Scilab and its module "Lycée" are suited to the new French 2011-2012 high school programs.  stats_proba_102011.pdf 472.81 kB

New in Scilab Online Help

Improvements and new features of the search engine Scilab users can now use the search engine with the following improvements: Words with underscore, _, are now accepted as keyword, For example: Wildcards searches are possible For example:* Better quality and presentation of the results. Our Japanese Users will also be happy to learn that the search engine is now available for the Japanese version.  The direct access to a function is also easier. Users can now type directly in

Final review of Scilab projects in the Google Summer of Code 2011

The balance sheet of the 2011 edition is very positive, as on 9 selected projects on Scilab, 7 of them have been successfully completed. For the third consecutive year, Scilab has been involved in the Google Summer of Code as mentoring organization. The involvement of the students and the quality of the achieved work was remarked and appreciated. CGLAB Module (a CGAL-based extension) by Edyta Przymus Edyta Przymus worked on providing a binding of CGAL available from Scilab. USers are now provided with advanced computational geometry functions. A release of this project (tagged as 2.0) has b