Internet Of Things with Scilab 6.1

Find out about exciting new applications enabled by Scilab 6.1, thanks to the brand new web tools: Watch this video from our partners ByteCode, and read the tutorial. to deploy your own IoT app. Download and test the IoT toolbox for Scilab 6.1: --> atomsInstall("bytecode_iot_module")

Web tools in Scilab 6.1

Leverage the new functions for server communication, based on the well known web protocol HTTPS: GET to simply get data from remote location POST to exchange data with the server through the request  It enables seemless exchanges with remote servers, by connecting to their API (i.e. the interface they provide to the outside). Thus connecting directly to their data layer, through exchange standards such as JSON (with the functions fromJSON and toJSON).

Data import in Scilab 6.1

A wizard has been added in the new version to facilitate the import of data coming from .txt & .csv files --> uiSpreadsheet It provides an interface on the csvRead function to facilitate the entry of arguments such as separator, decimal, conversion, header.


SCILAB 6.1 NOW AVAILABLE Check SCILAB new version here Main new features are: - Webtools utilities added for HTTP protocol, JSON data usage - importgui function has been added to easily interface csvRead - Profiling values are available as Scilab values - Values have a cleaner display: they are displayed in order on assignment, strings are quoted, complex numbers are aligned for matrices, numbers (IEEE 754 double) are not rounded, polynomials and rationals display is more compact, In structures, nested lists or structures are now displayed recursively compactly and more explicitl