The SCILAB Team has extensive knowledges to share.

Get trained by experts in applied mathematics

The SCILAB Team is providing training courses on SCILAB fundamentals, XCOS and on other topics such as optimization and advanced statistics. It's a good way to start mastering SCILAB on your own.

Get support of senior developers

Mastering SCILAB might require help from time to time. The SCILAB Team is providing support on SCILAB code but also on needed interface leveraging C/C++, JAVA, FORTRAN or JAVASCRIPT code.

Let software architects handle the maintenance of your application

Deploying an industrial application might sometimes go beyond your core expertise. While focusing on the development of your scripts and models, the SCILAB team will be taking charge of the deployment (Graphical User Interface, Installer/Launcher, ...), the maintenance (corrective, evolutive) and the release process (specifications, development, test, release) of your application.