ScilabTEC 2015

May 21st-22nd, 2015

Summary, slides and video recording of the presentation are available for most presentations.

May 21

Welcome Speech
Raphaël Auphan, Scilab

KEYNOTE – Preserving Software: challenges and opportunities for reproducibility of Science and Technology
Roberto Di Cosmo, Irill (France)

Using Scilab in the Radiation Thermometry Laboratory of Inmetro
Ricardo Sávio Teixeira Moretz Sohn, Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologia – Inmetro (Brazil)

E4Coder on Scilab: State Machines simulation and GUI prototyping for Scilab 5.x
Paolo Gai, Evidence Srl (Italia)

Cardiovascular wave analysis module for Scilab
Serge Steer, Inria (France)

Using an Evolutionary Optimization approach to tune a PID controlled robotic arm
Taylor Newill, Noesis Solutions (Belgium)

Material testing and hyperelastic material model curve fitting for Ogden, Polynomial and Yeoh models
Michael Rackl, Technische Universität München (Germany)

ZYNQ-7000 High Performance Electric Drive and Silicon Carbide Multilevel inverter with Scilab Hardware-in-the-loop
Giulio Corradi, Xilinx (Germany)

Development of a diagnostic tool for performance analysis during the testing of agricultural implements
Zoltan Gobor, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (Germany)

Can programming of multi-core systems be easier, please? The ALMA Approach
Oliver Oey, Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie – KIT (Germany)

Predictive Functional Control
Jacques Richalet (France)

Use of Scilab for the Philae landing on comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Thierry Martin, Cnes & Romain Garmier, CS-SI (France)


May 22

Welcome Speech
Raphaël Auphan, Scilab

KEYNOTE – Open-Source Opportunities for the Analysis of Scientific and Technical Data
Yohan LIVET, CEA/CESTA (France)

Analysis of Call Detail Records Based on Scilab
Foued Melakessou, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Utilizing Scilab and Xcos for real-time control and measurement applications
Grzegorz Skiba, Embedded Solutions (Poland)

COLD: Boosting your Workflow and Performances with Scilab
Béatrice Creusillet, Silkan (France)

Calculating air conditioning costs and savings opportunities
Jean-Pierre Bovée & Louis Blavier, Sanofi (France)

Scilab Software Technical Presentation
Pierre-Aimé Agnel, Scilab Enterprises (France)

Conventional and decentralized PID controllers applied to a multivariable aerothermic process
Mustapha Ramzi, LASTIMI Laboratory – University Mohammed V of Rabat (Morocco)

Li Kexin, Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore)

Automotive axial flow fans : modeling and design
Gabriele Milanese, Johnson Electric GATE (Italia)