E4Coder: State Machines simulation and GUI prototyping for Scilab 5.x – ScilabTEC 2015

By Paolo Gai, Evidence Srl

ScilabTEC 2015 - Evidence from Scilab on Vimeo.


In this presentation we will discuss and present the porting of E4Coder for Scilab 5.5.1.

E4Coder is a Toolbox developed since 2011 providing simulation and code generation for discrete time designs. E4Coder includes :

  • E4CoderCG – an efficient embedded code generator for Bare Metal, ERIKA Enterprise/OSEK/VDX, Linux, RTAI, Windows targets
  • SMCube – an editor, simulator and code generator for parallel Finite State Machines
  • E4CoderGUI – an editor of GUI Panels allowing an easy GUI interaction and code generation for QT-based platforms (Linux, RTAI, Windows).

The presentation shows the integration of SMCube and E4CoderGUI, allowing for the first time the simulation of finite state machines on Scilab 5.x. A set of demos will be shown as well as potential usages of the Toolbox.