Scilab @ Embedded World 2017

We will be at Embedded World 2017, on 14 - 15 March, in Nuremberg(Germany) on the booth of our partner emmtrix Technologies, in Hall 4A, Booth 520d

Please do contact us, to set up a time for some quality exchange:

team [at] (subject: EmbeddedWorld2017) (Meet us @ Embedded World)target="_self"

Scilab for C Code Generation

Scilab partners provide commercial and free third party code generators for Scilab:

Third party code generators

C Code generation with Scilab and emmtrix Code Generator

In collaboration with the embedded software tool provider emmtrix Technologies GmbH, the new emmtrix Code Generator (eCG) for Scilab is introduced at the Embedded World 2017. The eCG enables automatic C code generation from Scilab scripts and Xcos models, and supports PC X86 and major embedded processor architectures like ARM Cortex-A (e.g. Raspberry Pi), Xilinx Zynq and Infineon Aurix Tricore.

A demonstration system will be available at the emmtrix's booth at this years’ Embedded World in hall 4A, booth 520d. You are cordially invited to use this code (B344438) for free entrance here.

Multiple application examples (e.g. image processing, deep learning, flight control systems), which include Scilab scripts and generated C code running on a multicore or FPGA architecture, will be explained for those visiting us.
The following image processing example is running in real time on a Raspberry Pi. In this simple example, an image is captured by a camera and a filter like edge detection (sobel) is applied. The result is shown on a monitor. 


Please contact us, to team [at] (subject: emmtrixCodeGenerator) (get the generated C code of this example)target="_self".

Code generation with Xcos and X2C

Thanks to the Linz Center of Mechatronic, Scilab/Xcos offers a free specialized code generator X2C supporting a large number of hardware targets:

  • Microchip (dsPIC Series, PIC32 Series)
  • Texas Instruments (C28X Series & Tiva Series)
  • Renesas RX6
  • Freescale
  • ARM (v6 & v7 Families)


Download on ATOMS (available for Scilab 5.5.2)

Code generation Use Cases

Code generation from Scilab scripts

Fraunhofer IIS generates Image Processing C code for its Polarization Camera.

In the frame of the EU project ARGO, Scilab collaborates with emmtrix Technologies to provide a generic C code generator from Scilab scripts for PC and embedded targets.

Code generation from Xcos models 

The German Aerospace Center DLR adopts Model Based Design, code generation and Hardware in the Loop testing for its Flight Simulator.

In the frame of the EU project ARGO[1], the Scilab team is developing a generic C code generator based on the Xcos model API.

Scilab for State machine

Thanks to our partner Evidence, also present at Embedded World (Hall 4 Booth 545) we are happy to announce the availability of SMcube and GUI Prototyping for Scilab 6.

Download on ATOMS and team [at] (subject: E4Coder) (contact us)target="_self" to get a commercial license.

Scilab for Data Acquisition

Data acquisition with Arduino

For simple data acquisition tasks, Arduino represents an affordable and accessible platform. You can easily link your sensors to the analogic and digital I/Os.

First of all, start by downloading the Arduino toolbox and the Serial communication toolbox on ATOMS.

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Data acquisition with the VISA toolbox

In partnership with National Instruments, we have developed a universal interface for measurement device from most of the device suppliers on the market (National Instruments, Agilent/HP, ... ).

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Download on ATOMS

Some Scilab use cases for Embedded Systems:

ZYNQ-7000 High Performance Electric Drive and Silicon Carbide Multilevel inverter with Scilab Hardware-in-the-loop

E4Coder on Scilab: State Machines simulation and GUI prototyping

Can programming of multi-core systems be easier, please?

Real-time control and measurement applications

Please do contact us, to set up a time for some quality exchange:

team [at] (subject: EmbeddedWorld2017) (Meet us @ Embedded World)target="_self"