ScilabTEC 2014

ScilabTEC - 15, 16 May 2014

Keynote - The Open Source Ecosystem
Alan Edelman, MIT
FACT - Free Access Chemometrics Toolbox
Jean-Claude Boulet, INRA
Using Scilab to analyze physical phenomena in a continuous kiln
Laurent Bodini, AREVA
Multiobjective optimization of a solar energy system through the combined use of Optimus & Scilab
Silvia Poles, NOESIS Solutions
What's new in Scilab 5.5.0
Bruno Jofret, Scilab Enterprises
How to bring the power of Cloud and Distributed Infrastructures to Scilab?
Adela Neacsu, ENS Lyon, Sysfera 
Industrial applications of PFC (Predictive Functional Control)
Jacques Richalet
Scilab and Finite element solvers conjunction
Paul Carrico, Esterline
Model based design, a free tool-chain
Simon Mayr, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences 
Keynote - Scilab and space systems engineering, a synergy running
Philippe Marchal, CNES 
CelestLabX: CelestLab's extension module
Alain Lamy, CNES 
Network Analysis and Routing eVALuation
Foued Melakessou, University of Luxembourg
A new toolbox to optimize nonlinear objective functions by solving combinatorial problems in industrial applications
Anna Bassi & Manolo Venturin, Openeering/Enginsoft
Automatically generated Scilab toolboxes/ATOMS modules for applications in acoustics
Philippe Glé, CEREMA
How Scilab and the CelestLab toolbox are used for the testing of our satellite system
Benoît Helin, Cospas-Sarsat
ODIN Supervisor: A Scilab driven platform for online advanced supervision of bioprocesses
Mélaine Gautier, Inria 
Automatic detection and characteristics extraction of archaeological structures using coupled Geographic Information System software and Scilab
Jean-Pierre Toumazet, GEOLAB

Some presentations are not available for confidentiality reasons