Video Processing

Read a video

This first example is opening an AVI video file, and displaying the different frames compisong the video:

n = aviopen(fullpath(getIPCVpath() + "/images/video.avi"));
im = avireadframe(n); //get a frame

Create a video from images

This second example is displaying how to create a video based on several photos:

im = imread(fullpath(getIPCVpath() + "/images/puffin.png"));
n = avifile('puffin.avi', [300;300], 30,'xvid');
for ii=1:100
ims = im(ii:192-ii, ii:161-ii, :);
addframe(n, ims);


The function avifile creates a video

--> n = avifile('puffin.avi', [300;300], 30,'xvid');
Following file has been created for saving video.
Filename : puffin.avi
Size : [300,300]
FPS : 30

and the functions aviaddframe is adding frame to this video.