Mechanics, Thermal & Hydraulics

Xcos enables physical modeling, thanks to the support of Modelica.

An additional set of blocks is available thanks to the toolbox coselica.

Crankshaft: 2D-planar mechanical

OD, 1D and 2D physical problems can be modeled and simulated with elementary blocks.



Thermal regulation of a house

The temperature control of a house is no more a problem. Just design this house as a thermal capacity, add heater, insulator, and finally a temperature controller.



Aeraulic toolbox

With Xcos you are now able to optimize air comfort and even energy consumption of a building. Actually, Xcos provides basic hydraulic components and the aeraulic toolbox allows macroscopic air flow analysis by focusing on flow rate and pressure. The library is for now composed by few elements such as ground, fan, hoods, resistive pipe and ideal junction. Analysis can be then led thanks to the flux and pressure sensors.