Dev Community

Open Source involvement

Scilab is a free open source software with a GPL compatible licence. Thus, the Scilab Team within Dassault Systèmes is involved in the Open Source world in different ways.

All Scilab libraries are free with accepted and recognized licenses by the FLOSS community (Free, Libre Open Source Software). The license is one of the key criteria for the selection of a library of Scilab.

Our team contributes to third party projects which are used in Scilab. This is regularly done in different ways by:

  • reporting bugs,
  • providing patches,
  • providing feedbacks.

Over the years, contributions have been numerous on projects such as gfortran, matio, lapack, hdf5, jhdf, jgraphx, autoconf, automake, libtool, indefero, kdbg, coin-orgetfem++OpenMPILaunchpadFlexDockarpack

The team is also in touch with many packagers of GNU/Linux, Unix and BSD distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Gentoo, Redhat, Fedora, OpenSolaris…) in order to help them to provide Scilab in their distributions in the best possible way.

Google Summer of code

The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program organized by Google to promote the development of free software.

Through this program, Google offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects during the spring. The participating projects are chosen on the reputation of the software, its quality and the relevance and feasibility of proposed projects.

Scilab has been selected as mentoring organization to the Google Summer of Code 2018.