ScilabTEC 2015 - Call for Papers

The call for papers is open now through January 02, 2015

Scilab Enterprises and the Scilab International Partnership Committee (IPC) launch today the call for papers for the 7th edition of the ScilabTEC, to be held in Paris, on May 21 and 22, 2015.

ScilabTEC brings together during a two-day conference, those involved in the world of computation and numerical simulation in order to promote the exchange and innovation between the fields of education, research and industry.

The call for papers is open through January 02, 2015, with the following types of papers requested in the main scientific domains using Scilab/Xcos for numerical computation such as automotive, aeronautics, space, energy, defense, telecommunications, biomedical, finance, transportation, environment, etc.

The conferences will be entirely delivered in English.   

For more information on the conference or to submit a proposal to the given template, please visit
For assistance, please contact scilabtec[AT]

Consult the press release:

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