Scilab welcomes its 2015 Google Summer of Code students

Students projects have been selected for the GSOC 2015.

Here is the list of accepted projects and students:

Xcos Automatic Layout (Chenfeng ZHU)

Xcos provides a graphical editor which allows to represent models with block diagrams by connecting the blocks to each other. However, as the number of blocks increases, an Xcos schema can become messy. This idea of this project is to provide options to automatically update the layout of a Xcos schema and keep the diagrams well-presented. 
Mentors: Paul BIGNIER, Clément DAVID

Improving ATOMS Packaging System (Kartik GUPTA)

This project aims at improving the way ATOMS manages the external packages. Based on calls to command-line tools in the current version, ATOMS will, thanks to this project, use functionalities added to the sciCurl module (for a better error management for example) and features related to file compression. 
Mentor: Vincent COUVERT

Enhancing Image Processing Module (Rishubh JAIN)

The aim of this project is to establish a stable and efficient Image Processing features into Scilab by developing a fresh new module which will use OpenCV Python API, and will provide additional frequently used Image Processing functions and algorithms of OpenCV to Scilab users. 
Mentor: Calixte DENIZET 

Improving Xcos palette management (Marcos CARDINOT)

Currently Xcos has a palette browser which lists all Xcos standard blocks grouped by categories. However, it lacks features which are essential to a good navigation, such as search bar, recent blocks, etc. The global objective of this project is to improve the palette browser and make it more intuitive. 
Mentors: Paul BIGNIER, Clément DAVID

Congratulations to the students accepted and thank to everyone who applied to work on Scilab.

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