The Scilab Team is now part of ESI Group

A unique opportunity to build bridges in System Modeling and Data Analytics, with ESI's existing software suite, desktop and cloud.

After 5 years of Scilab versions made by Scilab Enterprises, the operational team is very proud to share with you that ESI Group has acquired the company.  Looking back to the history of Scilab, the operational team behind the software has been backed by various structures (publicly funded or private) and this is a new page for the software to be backed by a large and already-established company. 

ESI Group is a pioneer and world-leading provider in Virtual Prototyping, leveraging the physics of materials. The team, now part of ESI Group, remains committed to a free and open source Scilab software for numerical computation. With the experience of OpenFOAM, ESI Group has already demonstrated its commitment to open-source software for engineers and scientists.

More details at the Press Release
We look forward to great years ahead. 

The Scilab operational team