Scilab at MODPROD 2015 Workshop

February 3-4, 2015 - Linköping University, Sweden

The special theme of the 9th edition of MODPROD Workshop on Model-Based Product Development is Open source.

In this context, Claude Gomez, CEO of Scilab Enterprises, will give one of the Workshop keynotes, entitled "Why using Scilab Open Source Software for Numerical Computation in Model-Based Development?" on February 4 at 13.30.

The Center for Model-based Product Development (MODPROD) is an inter-disciplinary research center at Link√∂ping University. It revolves around model-based tools and methods for cyber-physical systems, mechanical systems, electronic systems and software, and unified approaches for model-based design. 

This workshop brings together expertise in these fields to discuss state of the art and the way ahead.


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