Scilab & Arduino for low-cost data acquisition

For simple data acquisition tasks, Arduino represents an affordable and accessible platform. You can easily link your sensors to the analogic and digital I/Os.

First of all, start by downloading the Arduino toolbox and the Serial communication toolbox on ATOMS.

Then to get your connection between Scilab & Arduino, try out this tutorial

Blinking LED Tutorial:
The "Hello World" in electronics with Scilab and Xcos

Here is a simple circuit for temperature acquisition directly controllable from Scilab & Xcos:

arduino temp read imagelarge 1

To set it up, here is a tutorial for entry level test & measurement with Arduino:

Temperature monitoring Tutorial
with Scilab/Xcos and Arduino


arduino xcos asservissement position 0

And for soft-real time Hardware in the Loop, you can even design your motor controller in Xcos as displayed here:

Finally check out this video from a member of our community: