SCILAB: Applications in aerospace

This seminar organized by Cnes centers of technical expertise will take place on November 26 in IAS Toulouse

Scilab software is widely used in the aerospace field. 
This seminar, organized by CNES CCT from 10:00 A.M. to 4:15 P.M. will present an overview of illustrated examples of Scilab use by CNES but also by Astrium, Inria and ESA.

The program:

  • Introduction - Philippe Marchal, CNES
  • Scilab: present and future - Claude Gomez, Scilab Entreprises
  • Tool for preliminary design of mechanical launchers - Frédéric Pauliac, ASTRIUM - Les Mureaux
  • Alex: analysis tool for launchers in operation - Sylvain Leroy, CNES - DLA
  • Scilab & CelestLab: Background and examples of use - Cyril Tourneur, Astrium - Toulouse
  • Integrating Java libraries into Scilab - Simon Billemont, CNES / TU Delft
  • Bocop, optimal control toolbox - Pierre Martinon, Inria
  • Scilab in the preparation of the ATV mission - Anthony Combes, CNES / ATOS
  • 3-D objects modeling and application in image analysis RADAR - Nathalie Védie, ESA
  • Scilab for orbit determination and location - Flavien Mercier, CNES
  • Mission analysis with Scilab - Alain Lamy, CNES

Download the complete detailed program:

programme_CCT-ORB-Scilab-2012-11-26.pdf 103.90 kB