Release of SWIG 3.0.5

The latest version of SWIG, open source software tool, supports now Scilab language.

SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) is used to connect computer programs or libraries written in C or C++ with scripting languages such as Lua, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Tcl, and other languages like C#, Java, JavaScript, Go, Modula-3, OCaml, Octave, Scheme, and now Scilab.

Major applications of SWIG include generation of scripting language extension modules, rapid prototyping, testing, and user interface development for large C/C++ systems. 

With its rich syntax, powerful parsing and code generation features, SWIG for Scilab can drastically simplify the task of integrating third-party software/libraries and thus developing external modules for Scilab. 

Initial works on SWIG for Scilab have begun with the Google Summer Of Code(GSOC) 2009, during which Baozeng Ding has added the support of Scilab for all C features. Work continued in the GSOC 2012, with Wolfgang Frish developing a Scilab 6.0 backend for SWIG. Scilab team took over its development to finalize the work, reach an professional level and to now enable full support of Scilab language with this version 3.0.5.

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