New Website... Have a look at what the internet went through since 1994

We are refreshing our web presence. and are merging. 

Thanks to the super website Wayback Machine, you can observe how a website evolved over time:*/


1994: just a FTP server

At that time, the first version of Scilab was simply distributed through FTP (File Transfer Protocol), as it was usual at that time.

1996: for the first time live on HTTP

Two years after the first release of Scilab, this is how the first website of Scilab looked like:

 1997: a new background pattern

2004: the rise of social media... and Scilab 3

This is the year of the creation of Facebook. Here is how Scilab website looked like:

2006: Scilab 4

Youtube was acquired by Google, one year after its creation.

Also we released the version 4 of Scilab on July 2006

Look at it live on wayback machine

2008: Industrialization, or the release of Scilab 5



2012: Scilab Enterprises official launch 

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