Standard process for non-intrusive Model Order Reduction

Systems become more and more complex and Model Order Reduction is one elegant way to keep leveraging Finite Element Analysis in time-demanding process. In France, a consortium (MECASIF, MORDICUS) has been built to tackle some of the most recurrent challenges when speaking about Model Order Reduction. ESI is proud to be part of this pool of Model Order Reduction experts.

Goal of the project

The [FUI-25] MORDICUS project has started end of 2018 and follows what has been done in the previous [FUI-15] MECASIF project and aims at:

  1. Proposing a specification of a standard data model for non-intrusive Model Order Reduction (MOR)
  2. Implementing this standard (C++ & Python) and share the sources (Open Source)


This project is led by EDF R&D and gathers SAFRAN, CADLM (Hexagon), Bertin Technologies (CT Engineering), PHIMECA, Transvalor, CEMOSIS, UPMC Sorbonne Université and Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Funded by

Région Ile-De-France and BPIFrance.