Feedbacks on Scilab Conference 2018


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Fraunhofer IIS

Polarization Image Processing with Scilab


Diabolo, the ArcelorMittal framework for management of Scientific Models Lifecycle



Opticlim – HVAC(*) optimization 
An industry ready solution co-developed with Sanofi 
* Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditionning



Using Open Source Numerical Analysis Software in Heterogenous Enterprise Computing Environment



Embedding Scilab within Galaxy


CNES - French Space Agency

Interfacing Java for orbit propagation 
Application to orbits in the Mars-Phobos system


DLR - German Aerospace Center

Towards Model-based Design of Mission-Critical Avionics using Scilab/Xcos

University of Applied Science

Implementation of a converting toolbox for Scilab for transforming figures from Scilab to TikZ/LaTeX


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