2012 Chinese Scilab Modules Contest

And the winners are...

Organized every year with LIAMA support, the Scilab Open Source Software Contest encourage broad use of Scilab and the development of innovative modules.

The two first prizes of the 11th edition of the contest are awarded to:

  • Network Analysis and Routing eVALuation (NARVAL) 2.0
    By Foued Melakessou, Thomas Engel, from SnT, University of Luxembourg

Developed at the University of Luxembourg within the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), NARVAL module is focusing on the analysis of network protocols.

The main goal of this module is to provide a complete software environment enabling the understanding of available communication algorithms, but also the design of new schemes. NARVAL allows generating random topologies in order to study the impact of routing algorithms on the effectiveness of transmission protocols used by data communications.

  • Security Analysis Toolbox
    By Chen Yaodong, Chen Kailin, Chen Xiaoquan, Su Longjiang, Zhang Yao, from Xiamen University

This module covers a large number of securities index calculation. Based on the original stock analysis toolbox, the toolbox adds some new features, such as real-time data analysis of classified securities, K-line figure analysis and volume diagram analysis, analysis of the market index, etc. Through a visual interface, users can get online real-time data of classified securities, historical data and various indicators as well as chart analysis.

10 other modules were awarded a second prize:

  • Statistical Analysis Toolbox
    By Wang Shuaili, Wu Wei, Li Weicai, from Ecole Centrale de Pékin, Beihang University
  • Image Stitching Toolbox
    By Daiwei Wang, Xiaowen Chu, Xuesi Liu, Wenting Gong, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox
    By Yizhao He, Yilun Xie, Wei Zhao, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 
  • Blind Signal Separator
    By Keyi Gui, Duo Yang, Xinran Liu, Yucheng Zeng, Linyun Li, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Design and System Simulation for Encoding and Decoding Process of LDPC Code
    By Xiaochuan Chen, Ziwen Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Chuchu Chen, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Two-dimension CSP Toolbox
    By Hui Zhang, Zeming Zhang, Xiaohong Yang, Qirong Luo, Di Liang, Guowei Y ang, Bofan Wu, from Foshan University 
  • SciPower Toolbox
    By Youhui Yang, PengFei Liu, XiuJu Yang, BaiJiang Liu, from Guangxi University
  • Visual Tracking Learning Detection (TLD) System
    By Yan Zhang,Weihang LV, Xi Chen, Jianjie Zhu , from Xiamen University
  • Gait Recognition System 2.0
    By Yuxuan Song, Yuxiao Wu, Ankang Liu, Peng Zhang, Liang Xi, from Shandong University
  • The Toolbox of Information fusion (Theory of D-S Evidence and Rough Sets) 2.0
    By Bo Yang, Tong Wu, Congxu Zhang, Zhijuan Xu, Mujie Zhang, Ruijie Gu, from Capital Normal University