Character recognition application

This is a simple application for handwriting recognition using image processing and neural network.

Download the application file:

1. Scilab >= 5.3.1 (includes 5.5.2)
2. SIVP Toolbox
3. IPD Toolbox
4. ANN Toolbox

All toolboxes are ATOMS modules.

Download this tutorial as docx or pdf


Run the file chargui2.sci in Scilab, in the directory where the file is located. In my case, it is C:\Users\\Downloads\-1.0-1-src (cd command is for changing directory).

-->cd 'C:\Users\\Downloads\-1.0-1-src' 
-->exec chargui2.gui

Open the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the application with the following function:


The following GUI appears:

Load Image

Character selection

Pre-process character

Feature extraction

Character recognition

Learn more on character recognition with this tutorial.