Our Partners

Scilab gathers partners to ensure its customers a comprehensive and effective offer in sharing skills and expertise in key areas.



BYTECODE (formally Trity Technologies) is Scilab Partner on Scilab Modules & Services.
Bytecode Sdn Bhd is a Premier Leading Open Source Solution Provider based in Kuala Lumpur. Its original purpose was to serve the local Engineering & Science community in the area of Education and R&D. Moving ahead with the Open Source Revolution, Bytecode will continue to create value and contribution to the community. We strive to foster the widespread of developer ecosystems for a better and bigger Global Hive.

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E4Coder – Evidence

Evidence is Scilab Partner on E4Coder Module.
E4Coder  is a set of tools that can be used to simulate control algorithms and to generate code for embedded microcontrollers running with or without a realtime operating system.

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emmtrix Code Generator & Parallel Studio – Emmtrix
Emmtrix is Scilab Partner on emmtrix Code Generator & Parallel Studio. This set of tools aims at the generation of code for embedded systems, and the automatic paralellization for mutlicore processors.

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D_Scil Module – Didalab
Didalab is Scilab Partner on D_Scil Module.
D_Scil is an automatic code generator and is perfectly suited to higher education and research in automatic.
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Wild Cruncher/COLD – Silkan
Scilab Enterprises is Silkan Partner on Wild Cruncher/COLD product, solution for High Performance numerical simulation using Scilab.
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Openeering is a EnginSoft initiative providing services and consulting on Scilab software.
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Dhanbad Instruments

Dhanbad Instruments is Scilab Partner for dedicated services to the Data Acquisition and Test & Measurement market in the North of India.
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SpeecHWareNet is Scilab Partner for dedicated services to the education market in North-East India.
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TBSS Center for Electronics and Electrical Engineering (TBSS.c3e) is Scilab partner for dedicated services to the Electronics market in Singapore and Vietnam.
More about TBSS Khai Kinh Company Limited (for Vietnam)
More about TBSS-Scilab Singapore Center (for Singapore)

Tenet Technetronics

Tenet Technetronics is Scilab partner for dedicated services to the Electronics market in the South of India.
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D-BookeR publishing company is Scilab partner and validates the practices described in the books on Scilab and Xcos.
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