Automatic Control Engineering

In order to better answer the current needs of training in automatic control engineering in higher education, Scilab joined forces with Didalab, the French specialist of the educational equipment.

This association gave birth to D_Scil, ideal tool to teach automatic engineering.

The pedagogical purpose of D_Scil is to place the student in the most realistic development context (a context that students will meet in nowadays engineering consulting firms).

The study sequence progresses as follows:

Searching the typical quantities of automatic control engineering in open loop system (Time constant, static gain, order…),



Modeling the system in open loop with Scilab, simulating with Xcos, validating the model by comparing the time curves (simulated/real),

D scil5 imagelarge
D scil3 imagelarge 300x226

D scil4 imagelarge 300x181


Searching the adapted real time corrector (P, PI, PID, digital Z corrector, RST..), simulating the process in closed loop, generating time curves,

D scil5 imagelarge
D scil6 imagelarge
D scil7 imagelarge


Generating  the C code corresponding to the corrector and downloading it in the target,

D scil6 imagelarge

D scil8 imagelarge

D scil9 imagelarge


Testing the closed loop system, recovery of the time response diagram, comparing the results, (simulated/real).



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For more information, see the demonstration video D_Scil

D_Scil Module – Didalab
D_Scil Module was co-developed by Didalab & Scilab Enterprises.
D_Scil is an automatic code generator and is perfectly suited to higher education