Embedded & Control Systems: Model-based design from simulation to test

With over 100,000+ downloads per month, Scilab is the most open numerical analysis and simulation software on the market.

Model-based approach on test-benches

Manufacturers have to integrate the different subsystems of their complete aircraft or automobile model, and they have to test the mechanical, electrical and software parts in comparison with the results of the simulation.

Hardware-in-the-loop on High Performance FPGA

QDESYS and Xilinx have developed a High Performance Electric Drive capable of being controlled in real-time using SCILAB and Xilinx ZYNQ-7000®. This system allows standard Drives as well as Multilevel Inverter with Silicon Carbide as state of the art design platform. Power electronics control designers often use simulation to design their systems and they validate it on the target platform.

Embedded code generation

Developed with our partners emmtrix Technologies, this code generator brings the following additional features:

  • Generate target-optimized C/C++ code from portable Scilab code
  • ISO C90, C99, C++98 and C++11 compliant code generation
  • Processor-specific code optimization
  • Highly comprehensible C/C++ code
  • Bidirectional traceability by code generation reports
  • User-controlled cache and memory optimization

Evolutionary Optimization to tune a PID controlled robotic arm

NEOSIS presents how to couple Scilab/ Xcos with Optimus to optimize the control of a robotic arm.

Predictive Functional Control

Jacques Richalet, the grand-father of PFC is explaining how the industry can benefits from advanced control strategies.