Car Body Design



Crash analysis are optimized in a Scilab workflow


Simulation data can be directly imported into Scilab thanks to the support of ESI Result Files (ERF).

    // Open the ERF file
    erf_file = erfOpenFile("/crash.erfh5");
    stage    = "post";

    // get nodes
    origin_node = erfGetNode(erf_file, stage);

    // Loop on states 
    states = erfGetState(erf_file, stage);
    for state = states'
        // get displacement used to compute new nodes position
        s = erfGetResult(erf_file, stage, "Translational_Displacement", state);
        // get velocity used to change the color nodes
        v = erfGetResult(erf_file, stage, "Velocity", state);

    // Close the ERF file
    clear erf_file;

Aerodynamic simulation in a Scilab workflow


Simulation App deployment in Scilab Cloud