Scilab & Xcos fundamentals

How to master Scilab environment, become familiar with its numerical computation and visualization capabilities. Learn how to progam in Scilab language and to read and write data files.

How to master Xcos environment. Create dynamic models from the available palettes of blocks. Simulate the behavior of the model. Analyze the simulation results. Build its own palette of blocks.


3 days


This training is intended for engineers, technicians, researchers or teachers wishing to discover Scilab software, its environment and its capabilities.


Basic mathematical concepts (matrix representation, operations, etc.)


How to use Scilab to perform scientific computations, analysis and data graphics visualization. And use Xcos in order to create your own simulation applications, modeling and simulating a dynamic system in order to study their behavior, design and test control loops.

2020 sessions

  • March 23 - 25
  • June 15 -17
  • September 7 - 9
  • December 14 - 16

Nota: A session might be cancelled in case of insufficient number of attendees. In that case, already registered attendees will be warned at least 10 days before the training starting date.

English sessions on request

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