Industrial Applications

Developing & Deploying Industrial Applications

If you've decided to use SCILAB in order to develop algorithms for your personal use, you might have discovered that what you've developed could be useful to your colleagues or clients. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to share, use and keep track (for further evolution or maintenance) of a bunch of scripts.

Training objective

Goal of this training is to provide you with all the keys to:

  1. Develop complex but user-friendly User Interface
  2. Deploy those UI along with your algorithms in a toolbox

Training content

Recap on graphics
How to manipulate graphics objects in SCILAB.

  • Handle
  • Figure hierarchy
  • Access/Change handle properties

Main window architecture
How to create an application main window with menu, UI components and graphics.

  • Figure
  • Uimenu
  • Frame
  • Axes
Graphical components
Discover the components available and how to parametrize them.
  • Style
  • Properties
Link with algorithms
Link your algorithms with the UI you've developed.
  • Callbacks
  • Basic HMI
  • File/Folder path manipulation
Toolbox deployment
Package your application as a Scilab toolbox to proceed with easy installation and sharing.
  • Toolbox skeletton
  • Installation process

Training duration

1 DAY - Scilab fundamentals must be mastered!