Gain autonomy and expertise

Our training courses have been designed to answer our clients most recurrent questions and needs.

Scilab & Xcos Fundamentals are providing you with all the needed keys to understand how the software works, to evaluate if it's the appropriate tool to achieve your goal and to set up your application on your own.

Advanced trainings are aiming at providing you with theoretical knowledge on a given domain and hence understand how the Scilab features work.

Progress at your own pace

Trainees do not all start with knowledge on programing languages or specific theoretical background. Scilab training courses are providing all the needed basics step by step. Courses are divided into sections which are presented, and put into practice through exercises. Training sessions are often flexible enough to design dedicated exercises depending on the questions/requests.

Get trained in your country

Thanks to ESI Group network, we are now able to provide training courses a bit closer to you. Find the closest ESI entity to get trained:

  • Rungis, FRANCE
  • Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Pune, INDIA
  • Detroit, NORTH AMERICA

For more information, contact us

FRANCE : [at] esi-group.comtarget="_blank"

WORLDWIDE : team [at] scilab.iotarget="_blank"