Leverage Scilab within Google Spreadsheet

Have you ever dreamt of using Scilab in Google Spreadsheet, as you may be using VBA in Excel? ... Ok, I'll think of something more compelling for future introduction. But let just think for a minute. If you are using Excel to develop your applications you are for sure striving for more powerful capabilities in computation and deployment. Scilab could of course do the job, but in the same time you would like to keep your front-end close to the data. This is it! Once you applied your Scilab macros to your data on Google Spreadsheet, you can leverage the collaborative power of Gsuite in sharing, posting, integrating, etc.

This tutorial is a simple introduction on the coupling of Scilab with Google Spreadsheet leveraging SCILAB Cloud API. But, to make it interesting, let's focus on a fancy example: Chemkin Thermodynamic database interpolated by NASA polynomials. This example displays how to compute the polynomial functions through the web service of Scilab Cloud API and represent the results in a web page as displayed afterwards.

Find the code here.

In this example, you will see how to deploy a Scilab algorithm with Scilab Cloud API. It produces a web service that can be leverages in third part applications. Here we call this web service from :
1. A Scilab desktop client
2. A simple web page with graphics in Javascript
3. A Google Spreadsheet


Watch the full tutorial below.