Web services

An API to connect them all

Scilab Cloud API gives access to your engineering and simulation knowledge through web services which are accessible by any network-connected machine.

Call Scilab Cloud from any programming language

This elementary example shows how to call Scilab Cloud API from bash, for authentification, returning a unique id/token, that will then be joined in every following request:

Expose your functions through a REST API

Data and algos will not be visible by the end-user. They will only be able to call the function through a HTTP request, and get the results. Those results can then be integrated in any enterprise application leveraging simulation.

API Example:

Chemkin Thermodynamic database interpolated by NASA polynomials

This example displays how to compute the polynomial functions through the web service of Scilab Cloud API and represent the results in a web page as displayed afterwards.

Download the code to try it on your desktop

In this example, you will see how to deploy a Scilab algorithm with Scilab Cloud API. It produces a web service that can be leverages in third part applications. Here I call this web service from :
1. a Scilab desktop client
2. a simple web page with graphics in Javascript
3. a Google Spreadsheet

Link with Google Spreadsheet

The first most intuitive application to couple with Scilab Cloud through its API, is your good old spreadsheet application:


Deploy your own models on Scilab Cloud API