SCILAB Cloud aPaaS

Web deployment is becoming a standard in many companies as it is providing flexibility in application usage control, deployment and maintenance. Based on the strong expertise of the SCILAB Team for web technologies, we are providing you with an application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) offering to strengthen the use and impact of your industrial application.

We maintain your application

The SCILAB Cloud aPaaS is providing you with the capability to deploy SCILAB application directly using SCILAB-like visualization within your web browser.

  • One application for desktop and web use
    You just have to deploy your SCILAB desktop application on the SCILAB Cloud aPaaS to make use of your web application.
  • No web development skills required
    No need for you to master HTML/CSS/JavaScript to plug your SCILAB application to a web UI. We have made it for you.
  • Corrective maintenance
    Once deployed on our platform, we ensure corrective maintenance of your application.

We maintain a SCILAB kernel on the web

The SCILAB Cloud aPaaS is providing you with a SCILAB kernel on the web. This has several benefits when speaking of industrial applications deployment.

  • Up-to-date SCILAB version
    You will always access the needed SCILAB version, especially the latest one with corrected bugs and requested evolutions.
  • No SCILAB installation
    Your application will be accessible to anyone you've provided with credentials without having to install or master SCILAB.
  • No need to take care of the running environment
    Your application will be accessible through your web browser, not depending on your OS or OS version.

We maintain a platform

The SCILAB Cloud aPaaS is providing you with all the needed tools to manage your data and applications within your company or clients.

  • Identification
    Every user or admin must login/password before deploying/accessing data or applications on the SCILAB Cloud aPaaS.
  • User and group management
    Administrator can manage his users and provides them with the relevant access rights to data or applications depending on their credentials.
  • Data & Application management
    Administrator can deploy SCILAB applications and manage different version (test, in-production).

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