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Scilab Help

Online help for Scilab functions listed by module with examples of use and explanations about the algorithms used

Scilab Wiki

A public Wiki is available for Scilab, with information such as documentation, examples of use, compilation on a specific platform/OS...

Matlab® / Scilab Dictionary

A list of Matlab® main functions with their Scilab equivalents and particular use cases (Matlab is a trademark of The MathWorks, Inc)

Scilab Tutorials

Official documentation about Scilab to introduce Scilab and to explain how to use Scilab in specific application fields

Documentation about Scilab written by the community


Watch the Scilab Channel on Youtube


A list of books available on Scilab & Xcos for beginners or more advanced users

Scilab for High Schools

Useful documents to use Scilab for mathematics teaching in High Schools (in French only)