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User Community


Access free documentation: Official tutorials, Scilab Online Help or even community documents...


An open Wiki is available for Scilab at:
Find contents about Scilab such as documentation, examples of use and feel free to add your own resources.

File Exchange

A website for Scilab community of users, dedicated to exchange files, script, data, experiences, etc. 

Bug Tracker

All bug reports and requests for evolution are managed using Bugzilla. 
Their statuses are available at:

Mailing Lists

Ask your questions on our mailing lists or browse them to read the previous exchanges 

Chat (IRC)

The Scilab IRC channel allows users to talk to someone online in real-time and is a key resource in the community. 

Social Media

Find the Scilab community of users online on Google +, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

And also

In French Only

Launched with the support of Scilab Enterprises, the Scilab forum hosted by represents a new source of information and support for and from the user community.