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The goal of this Java API is to display mathematical formulas written in LaTeX.

The default encoding is UTF-8.

The most of LaTeX commands are available and :

  • macros from amsmath and symbols from amssymb and stmaryrd,
  • \includegraphics (without options),
  • the TeX macro \over,
  • accents from amsxtra package,
  • the macros \definecolor, \textcolor, \colorbox and \fcolorbox from the package color,
  • the macros \rotatebox, \reflectbox and \scalebox from the package graphicx,
  • the most of latin unicode characters are available and cyrillic or greek characters are detected for the loading of the different fonts,
  • the commands \newcommand and \newenvironment,
  • the environments array, matrix, pmatrix,..., eqnarray, cases,
  • the vertical and horizontal lines are handled in array environment,
  • the commands to change the size of the font are available : \tiny, \small,...,\LARGE, \huge, \Huge,
  • the fonts are embedded in the jar file to be used by fop 0.95 to generate PDF, PS or EPS (SVG export with shaped fonts works fine too). Since the version 0.9.5, the fop plugin is fully compatible with fop 1.0 and xmlgraphics 1.4,
  • etc.

There is no dependency and no external programs to install: JLaTeXMath is fully functional by itself.

JLaTeXMath is used by Scilab to display formulas wrote in LaTeX in graphic windows.

JLaTeXMath is a fork of JMathTeX project.

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