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GSI2013 - Geometric Science of Information

From 28 to 30 August 2013 at Ecole des Mines, Paris V

The objective of this conference organized by the French Association for electrical, electronics and information and communication technologies (SEE) hosted by MINES ParisTech, is to bring together mathematicians and engineers, with common interest for Geometric tools and their applications for Information analysis.

A conference on Scilab by Claude Gomez, CEO of Scilab Enterprises, will be held on Friday 30 August at 12.35.

GSI2013 will also be the launching of a Scilab GSI Toolbox Initiative : Contributing to “Geometric Science of Information” development, project of SCILAB “GSI” TOOLBOX is initiated, inviting contributors to develop Scilab external modules in specific fields of Information Geometry, Geometry of Structured Matrices, Statistics/optimization on Manifolds, …

Complete program and registration online