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Scilab at CAE conference

A dedicated session on Scilab will be held at International CAE Conference on numerical analysis

Organized by EnginSoft on 22 and 23 of October in Pacengo - Italy, The International CAE Conference is a major annual event in Italy and a leading conference at the European level with two days of conferences, Users' Meetings and exhibition.

Claude Gomez, CEO of Scilab Enterprises will open the first session of Scilab users organized under CAE on October 22 at 2 P.M.

His presentation entitled "What's new with Scilab" will discuss the open source model for Scilab, the future of Scilab software both in terms of market positioning and roadmap.

Cnes, Padova University, Enginsoft and Openeering will present their applications with Scilab.

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Scilab at CAE conference