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Taxi On The Way

By Li Kexin, Temasek Polytechnic 

This paper is presented during ScilabTEC as the winner of 2014 Singapore Scilab Contest.

Taxi plays an increasingly important role in people’s life and becoming one of the main travel mode in modern society because of its convenience and flexibility. In order to provide high quality taxi service, the ‘Taxi On The Way’ is conceived to utilize taxi resources more efficiently. By combining booking and calling taxi service together, this system will benefit both users and drivers.

The scope of our project is to simulate a taxi calling system.  With the prebuild map and simulated GPS, the system will calculate the approximate arriving time when the user chooses the available taxi service online. In addition, the system will adapt to the dynamic traffic situation because the road condition varies at different time slots. The simulation result will be shown on the prebuild map for demonstration purpose.

The user can input current pick up location, travel destination by keying in pre-defined locations/ coordinates or tapping on the prebuild map. Moreover, the system allows users to set the booking time slot while updating traffic conditions continuously. The system will show the locations of user and all available taxis from the prebuild map. After an order is confirmed by the taxi driver, the estimated arriving time of the taxi will be determined in real time mode under best route condition, the information will then be displayed on user’s device.

In order to enhance the traveling efficiency, the taxi drivers tend to take the shortest distance to passenger’s destination during rush hours and long distance in the rest of the time slots. Based on this consideration, the system will also integrate the distance to the final destination by simulating a preference ranking list for the taxi drivers when two or more orders are given.

Use of Scilab in the project

A control algorithm will be developed using Scilab to calculate the approximate arriving time, distance between user and taxi, best route to reach user, as well as traffic conditions at various time periods. A graphical demonstration with prebuilt map will also be done using Scilab.                                     

Co-signed paper by Li Kexin, Tan Tai Suan, James Wong Tit Keung, Lee Kar Heng, Temasek Polytechnic                      

Scilab, taxi calling system, enhance the traveling efficiency, simulation

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