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Scilab, key pillar technology to share and run metallurgical models: from R&D studies to industrial implementation

By Stéphane Jimenez, ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal R&D has developed a solution for use, share and distribute metallurgical models world wide. The Diabolo platform is based on Scilab / Xcos and relies on three main principles:

  • A standardization of models interfaces (external function and data types),
  • A repository hosting for each model an executable library along with its technical specification and scientific documentation,
  • A simulation environment giving access to models either as an Xcos block or a Scilab gateway function.

Once a model is published in the Diabolo repository all XML files, Scilab scripts and ‘C’ functions needed to make a Xcos block are automatically generated. Then the model will be available as an Xcos external module (including companion gateway functions) in an in-house ATOMS server. Every user of the Diabolo simulation platform (coming as a complementary Xcos module) is then free to install the model block then use it in block-diagram simulations by dragging it from his palette and have access to online help and direct link to the full documentation in models repository.

Diabolo blocks are not atomic blocks but Xcos super blocks generated thanks to an inner function. Each super block contains the main functional block (either model or source or sink module for data access and result presentation) but also an advanced multiplexer block coming with its java GUI and permitting to fully rearrange the setting of IN and OUT data ports.

A strong particularity of Diabolo simulation platform is that the user is not supposed to explicitly manipulate time. When needed by the inner blocks, the generated Diabolo super block will integrate the sample clocks with the right setup required for the simulation to run.

Once published in the repository, every model is also available as a gateway function in Scilab. We designed an original architecture lying on the use of Scilab as a computational engine (Scilab Minimal) for developing ‘C’ GUI applications (Qt framework) that allows implementing our models in a very efficient and reliable way for off line use in industrial facilities.

We will end the presentation with a short live demonstration of the Diabolo platform.