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Made with Scilab: an Aeraulic Toolbox

By Silvia Poles, Openeering

In these last months, Openeering, Scilab Enterprises partner, registered a renewed interest from industries on tutorials and services. Industries are approaching Scilab with an increasing attention, captured by all the benefits of its use. Openeering mission is to spread the use of Scilab and Xcos within industries. With the support of the wide range of expertise offered by EnginSoft, the Openeering team can help any company in creating tailored toolboxes to address several technical challenges including, but not limiting to, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, optimization, statistics and data mining.

In this talk we will present a new toolbox for aeraulic systems. The study of aeraulic systems plays an import role for maintaining adequate indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Moreover, studying and optimizing aeraulic systems can reduce energy consumption in buildings due to heating and cooling or to drying and humidifying control systems.

The presentation will focus on the possibilities offered by Scilab and Xcos to model and simulate aeraulic and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The developed Xcos module is taking advantage of Modelica language to construct a library composed by basic elements: hoods, pipes and ideal junctions. The library can be easily extended to obtain a more complete toolbox. The presented library is tested on aeraulic circuit examples.