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A Scilab toolbox for scaling prediction in condenser cooling circuits with cooling towers and its coupling with OpenTURNS

By Michaël Baudin & Sophie Rapenne, EDF

The Cooliss software, developed at EDF, is based on a chemical mass balance model and can provide predictions of cooling water chemistry evolution, in the different parts of the cooling circuit, as a function of operating conditions. This proprietary research tool is based on several Open Source softwares. It uses a Xcos simulator and Phreeqc  for the calculation of water chemistry in each component of the circuit (chemical speciation, pH and saturation index calculation). The model is based on theoretical considerations.  For adjusting this theoritical model to real data, Scilab is also used to perform a numerical optimization in order to find the parameters which best fit to the data. In order to evaluate the uncertainties in the simulation, the software is connected to OpenTURNS, a numerical software for uncertainty propagation and quantification. 
Sophie Rapenne, Michaël Baudin, Eric Demay, Khalil Shakourzadeh, Alberto Pasanisi, Olga Alos-Ramos, EDF R&D


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